At our school, in Year 1 to Year 6, each History or Geography topic is launched with an introductory morning of study. The weekly lessons that follow develop the learning and study and we identify opportunities to apply writing skills in the context of history or geography.

The Foundation Subjects curriculum is designed to follow the New National Curriculum programmes of study. The lessons focus on the teaching and development of geographical and historical skills, ensuring progression through the year groups.

We make every effort to ensure this is a stimulating and engaging curriculum. Through the use of experiential activities and active learning strategies we aim to inspire our pupils’ curiosity, encouraging them to engage with the world around them and look back at the past.

As historians, we encourage our pupils to think critically and ask perceptive questions developing a sense of chronology through learning about key dates and how these dates fit on to a timeline. Our pupils learn about historical people, events and locations both in the UK and around the world.

As geographers, Key Stage 1 pupils are taught about their immediate environment, the local environment, the country they live in and the UK. They develop an awareness of landscapes around them from first hand observations. As children progress through Key Stage 2, these skills are built upon and extended. Pupils study human and physical landscapes, physical processes that shape the environment, environmental issues and advancing map skills. From the outset our pupils develop a sense of the wider world as they use maps, globes, atlases and ICT in their work.

Within the programmes of study there are opportunities for trips which bring the pupils’ learning to life and offer opportunities for pupils to apply fieldwork techniques and learn from first hand experiences.

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