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Letters to parents

This is a list of letters that have been circulated to parents – available for you to view and download.
23July2020:ALL: Returning to school in September 2020
22July2020:ALL: Message from the Governors July 2020
22July2020:ALL: Uniform Pop Up Shop September
21July2020:ALL: September school meal arrangments
17July2020:ALL: Summer Holiday Breakfast & Food Bank Support
17July2020:ALL: School Nursing July Newsletter PDF
13July2020:ALL: Last Week Letter to Parents
12July2020:Nursery: Pupil Reports & Book Collection
12July2020:Year 5: Pupil Reports & Book Collection
12July2020:Year 4: Pupil Reports & Book Collection
12July2020:Year 1: Pupil Reports & Book Collection
10July2020:Year 3: Pupil Reports & Book Collection
10July2020:Year 6: Pupil Reports & Book Collection
10July2020:Year 2: Pupil Report & Book Collection
10July2020:Reception: Pupil Reports & Book Collection
03July2020:New Nursery 2020: Nursery Stay and Play Letter
03July2020:New Reception 2020: Reception Stay and Play Letter
02July2020:ALL: Milk & Biscuit update
26June2020:ALL: Uniform Pop Up Shop
26June2020:Yr 6: Relationships, Health & Sex Education
25June2020:Nursery: Nursery Parents Groups letter
25June2020:ALL: Sun protection
24June2020:REC: Reception update for parents 24062020
22June2020:Yr 1 PT 2: Year 1 groups
22June2020:Yr 1 PT1: Year 1 return to school
18June2020:ALL: Parent update 18062020
18June2020:Nursery PT 2: Nursery Parents Groups 18062020.docx
18June2020:Nursery PT 1: Nursery Parents Letter Return 18062020.docx
17June2020:Yr 6: Y6 update for parents 20200617
15June2020:ALL: Key worker update to parents 15062020
11June2020:Yr R PT2: Reception Parents Groups
11June2020:Yr R PT1: Reception Parents Letter Return 1
08June2020:Yr 6 PT1: Year 6 Return
08June2020:Yr 6 PT1: Year 6 Return
05June2020:ALL: Parent Letter 05062020
02June2020:ALL: School Nursing Newsletter June 2020
30May2020:ALL: Reopening of school 30052020
22May2020:ALL: LA Letter to Parents 22052020
22May2020:ALL: Half Term Closure
15May2020:ALL: School Closure Update to Parents 15052020
27Apr2020:ALL: School Closure_Summer Term Welcome Back
09Apr2020:ALL: School Closure Update to Parents 09042020
09Apr2020:Free School Meal Children: Free School Meal Voucher Information
27Mar2020:ALL: COVID-19 Update 27032020
26Mar2020:ALL: ChatHealthMessaging Service
23Mar2020:ALL: School Closure Update from the Local Authority
22Mar2020:ALL: School Closure_COVID-19_22032020
19Mar2020:ALL: Coronavirus update 19032020
17Mar2020:ALL: Coronavirus update 2
16Mar2020:ALL: Coronavirus Update
11Mar2020:ALL: Biscuits Summer Term 2020
05Mar2020:Yr1-6: NSPCC Letter 20200303
05Mar2020:ALL: Coronavirus letter 1
17Feb2020:ALL: World Book Day Letter
24Jan2020:Yr 5: Computing project letter
23Jan2020:ALL : Going paperless
07Jan2020:ALL : Extra Curricular Clubs Spring 2020
07Jan2020:ALL : Post Looked After Children letter
12Dec2019:Yr 1 - 6: Christmas Disco 2019
06Dec2019:ALL: Relationships and Health Education Policy letter
03Dec2019:ALL: Parent Conduct
26Nov2019:ALL: Cool Pots Plate Decoration
25Nov2019:ALL: Change to Milk & Biscuits from Jan 2020
22Nov2019:Yr 6: France Trip Meeting 1
22Nov2019:Yr 5: Residential Trip May 2020 Letter 1
15Nov2019:Yr1 & 2 Y1 & 2 Panto letter
4Nov2019:2AL: Gudwara change of date
4Nov2019:ALL: Children in Need
1Nov2019:Yr 5 & 6: Afterschool Art Club
30Oct2019:ALL: Meet the Headteacher
30Oct2019:2AL: Gudwara Trip
30Oct2019:2A: Gudwara Trip
29Oct2019:Yr 6: Tutankhamun visit
28Oct2019:5A: Forest school letter autumn 5A
28Oct2019:4A: Forest school letter autumn 2 4A
11Oct2019:Yr 6: Egypt Trip letter
3Oct2019:Yr 2 & 6 Delta: Afternoon Tea for Messy Church
1Oct2019:ALL: School Meal Taster
27Sep2019:ALL: Harvest letter
16Sep2019:Yr 1: Yr 1 reading letter
3Sep2019:Yr 1-6: PE Clubs Letter Autumn 1 2019
3Sep2019:4AL: EDVIS12 4AL Compton Verney
3Sep2019:4AL: 4AL Compton Verney Letter
3Sep2019:4A: EDVIS12 4A Compton Verney
3Sep2019:4A: 4A Compton Verney letter

Summer 2019

Spring 2019