Year 6 Leavers Poem:

Our time here is nearly done,
And within these gates we’ve had some fun.
This school is more than just learning,
It’s where memories are made
So join us in reflecting on our old school days.

All the fun and laughter we’ve had
The adventures we will remember
Now we have to say goodbye
At least until September

As we opened our drawers
We called, “I’ve lost my pen!”
The teachers all shouted, “Who’s eating them?”
We found them under tables
They were at the back of drawers
We finally have enough
Now we’re all out the doors.

We found our love of books
Our bookshelves were so full
With all those worlds to explore
Our lives will never be dull

We’ve had lots of teachers good and bad
But when Miss King left we were oh so sad
Then Mr Gale came flying in
With his help we knew we would win!

Miss Rendell’s group full of smelly boys
There was lots of sulking like we lost our toys
We will miss many things like Mckenzie’s cackle
But now we have more challenges that we must tackle

We ventured off to London
To see the real King Tut
There was a lot to see, but
His crusty dusty toes we the main attraction
But we didn’t quite manage to see them in action

The museum was full of treasures
From thousands of years ago
We saw the real artefacts
But then we had to go

On the coach home from London
we got caught passing notes
Getting told off,
hiding the giggles with our coats

On our trip to the court
we met Old man Bill
He shouted shut your big gob
and gave us all a thrill

French was a lesson that we all adored
Waiting for the time
That we could all go abroad.
Except we missed our trip
where we got to go to France,
That got us all feeling really really pants.
We learnt to say words
Like bonjour and cava
But now we’re left in England
Saying ooh la la

This year has been full of quests
But not because of SATs tests
We were all so prepared
We were ready to go
Until Boris announced,
School would now be at home.
“Put the pens and pencils down
SATs are called off!”
Stay at home to avoid the coronavirus cough.

Way back in March Boris told us to stay at home,
We wanted to finish our final year at school
But now some of us have to do it alone.

We didn’t get to stand on stage
And perform our end of year play
So we’ve written this poem
As just a way to say

Goodbye to the teachers
Goodbye to our friends
We haven’t seen you in so long
But we know this is not the end.


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